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After 7 years of working in both the holistic and medical skincare world, Lily’s passion within the beauty industry lies with achieving clear, smooth and above all healthy skin.  All of her twenties were dedicated to finding a remedy to clear her adult acne. Spending thousands of dollars on treatments, prescriptions, and especially overpriced products marketed toward “acne”, she was fed up with putting her skin in the hands of the pharmaceutical and miracle-claiming product industries.  After years of research, studying under the best skincare professionals in Los Angeles, putting herself through esthetics school, and working hands-on with her own clients, she has mastered the art of customizing treatments to each individual’s lifestyle, age, ethnicity, and skin type.  With a structured, scientific approach to her treatments, she utilizes highly results-oriented technologies combined with nourishing holistic techniques to encourage the skin to renew at a rapid rate, drastically improving tone and texture, with little to no downtime. 


Lily is passionate about returning confidence in anyone that is living with skin concerns and believes that treatments should be financially accessible to people of all incomes.  She makes an effort to tailor her treatments that will provide you with the best possible results according to your budget. 

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